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Amethyst Quartz Skull Necklace ~made in 18" Sterling Silver with Pearls and Amethyst.


Krystal is a Crystalline Being.

Krystal wants to assist you envision the future, which is where she considers herself to be, in human terms. She says Earth is inevitably headed that way now.

Krystal will help you imagine your new world, therefore creating it. She will help you raise your frequency and attain your crystalline structure. It is inevitable, but she wants to make it a little more easier for you to attain.

Sit with Krystal in meditation and ask her to help you embody her higher frequencies. To help you integrate more gently, these DNA upgrades that are happening for humanity. See yourself encased in an iridescent crystal light and it entering each of your cells, where it blasts the highest crystalline frequency, allowing your cells one by one to be able to hold this higher upgraded frequency. This will help you integrate more comfortably and easily. Krystal will help you hold onto that new higher vibration by steadying it in your auric field around you when you wear her. Once you are vibrating at this high level, send that energy into the Earth through intention and also lay Krystal on the Earth to help the Earth integrate this higher frequency into that land area.

You will notice that lower vibrational people and thoughts are fewer and fewer in your life. Your emotions will even out and you will begin to feel better in your body.

Tell Krystal your issues and ask her for help. That is why she came back here. She wants nothing more than to help you evolve and raise the vibration of Mother Earth.

Cleanse Krystal in high frequencies, like crystal bowls and 425/440htz. Sage her often. Imagining the water in its purest form from its first experience on Earth running down a crystal clear glacier river. Remind the water of what is once was, returning it to that state. Do this with your drinking water as well.




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