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La Cazadora is the Warrior Woman.

She is ssists with claiming your strength back and also with bringing harmony into your life. La Cazadora encourages you to take care of your vessel through healthy eating and movements. With that same energy she will also assist you in healing your heart…filling it with love and compassion as well as to have the excitement to serve others through love. La Cazadora is a mentor and a friend. She will be there for you when you need encouragement. She will keep you accountable and help you to continue to move forward with courage. She helps you with procrastination, and she will help you set boundaries and honor them. She shares her wisdom selflessly in order to help you implement that knowledge in your life. La Cazadora protects you from lower energy. Wear her as much as you feel called. Spend some time connecting with her through meditation and telepathic communication. Her energy manifests through visions and feelings. Cleanse her with sage and water. Give La Cazadora your gratitude. La Cazadora lived during turmoils in Lemuria. She was a remarkable and powerful woman. She fought with the resistance against dark forces, and she fiercely protected her people. La Cazadora shows herself as a tall female over 6 feet tall, she has shoulder-length brown hair wearing a turquoise necklace. She has a white and green colored aura. As fierce as she was, La Cazadora possessed a soft and gentle heart. She understands the importance of balance.


La Cazadora with mostly all turquiose beads, bone, and pyrite, with a sterling silver hand crafted caped deer antler. 


La Cazadora

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