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La Lune Noire 🇫🇷

Bohemian Artist

La Lune Noire is a rare treasure!

She’s an artist from 19th France, a free spirited humanitarian, who celebrates individualism.

La Lune Noire means The Black Moon 

and her cascading moonstone beads enhance her magical gifts of creativity when worn.

La Lune Noire firstly will give your heart wings with a sense of freedom from conformity.

Secondly, she will encourage your creativity, be it painting, writing, public speaking, acting, or literally anything creative!

Last but not least…La Lune Noire has a very sensual vibe to her….Ooh La La she’s going to attract EXACTLY what your hoping for!

Wear her with everything, from a tee shirt to fancy formal.

La Lune Noire would be gorgeous layered and she will encourage you to feel amazing in your skin, so full of confidence.

Au revoir cheri.


Luna is a Skull Mala made of Black Obsidian Moonstone and Seed Pearls.

La Luna Noir

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