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La Muerta

Is the Angel of transformation and death.

She reminds us that death is simply a transition into another form, another life, another you. You are immortal. You are energy, a soul, a spirit, and energy can not be destroyed, only transformed. She wants to take away your fears. Especially fears of death and change.

La Muerta is the perfect companion in times of great loss, shadow working, and transformation. When you have decided that you are ready for change, La Muerta comes in to assist you. She will transform your entire life until the old one is unrecognizable, if necessary. She knows change is hard, but also inevitable, and she will reassure you that where you are going is greater for you than where you currently stand. She will help you to envision a greater future and give you glimpses of what is possible.

La Muerta holds space for you in times where you feel lost due to a death of a loved one. She can reconnect you with them in meditation and dream time, showing you that death is an illusion. She will help absorb the negative thoughts and emotions related to great loss and help transmute them. She will show you your past lives to show you that you have lived before and will live again, as everyone does.

La Muerta will blur the line between you and the spirit realms. If you have been curious or you work in spirit communication, she is a great facilitator and teacher. She can help facilitate clearer messages for you and open your mind to new possibilities. She will help declutter and open your crown chakra.

La Muerta wants to show you that there is no need to fear the dark. You must go into your dark corners and clean them out. She will help you through your shadow work and accepting all parts of you as she reminds you Earth is a planet of duality and you are not cursed with darkness, it is simply there to emphasize the great light within you. You can not be all light all of the time while on Earth. You wanted to experience your full spectrum and that is what you are doing. Do not judge it or condemn yourself. If you dislike something it is always in your power to learn from it, grow out of it and leave it behind. La Muerta teaches you to forgive your undesirable habits, change them and move on.

La Muerta will show you and remind you that change is inevitable so when creating the future keep your thoughts on what you want, not what you don’t want. The change is constantly coming, and you are constantly evolving, so learn to embrace it. Let excitement overcome fear. Start purposefully creating the changes you want to see. If you do not intentionally create the changes they will create themselves and you may not like that. Change is unstoppable like the raging mighty river, but at any time you can take steer of the boat. Once you realize this the ride is smoother and more enjoyable.

La Muerta will ground you into the new life you are creating and give you stability and confidence. La Muerta shows you how to take your power back, love and respect all aspects of yourself and how to use their uniqueness to create the life perfect for you.

La Muerta says transformation is a positive thing and death, but an illusion.

Cleanse La Muerta with running water and sage her. Set her on the Earth to transmute heavier energies. Recharge her under the darkness of the New Moon.

La Muerta is a pre-activated 2 3/4" high definition black obsidian Crystal Skull.

La Muerta

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