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One standard size handmade stretch pre-activated magnesite turquoise skull and hematite bracelet.


One pre-activated crazy lace agate Crystal Skull #8


One recon Amber Crystal Skull #20 with reading in progress and that is in progress to be FULLY ACTIVATED before its delivery.


NIMAZ is the twin sister of Shiraz. She is also an angelic light being just like her brother, Shiraz.
Nimaz loves to sing, and her songs carry healing frequency.
Nimaz works your heart chakra through your throat chakra.
She will encourage you to speak up your truth without fear. When you speak your truth freely, you will be able to listen to your heart's guidance and follow your soul’s path because you will have the awareness of what feels right in your heart.
Meditate with Nimaz by holding her close to your heart. She would surround your heart chakra with her healing light frequency and unblock your heart chakra.
Nimaz is also a great companion to have when you need to make important life choices because her energy would soothe and quiet your mind and enable you to receive clarity through your heart chakra.


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