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Male Divine Light Being

Sometimes we carry our own light on our path.

Lantern makes daily life just a bit brighter and more positive - encouraging us to see past any darkness or fog. 

Lantern shows himself as an illuminated Being, he’s bringing with him a lot of light to assist you to see all the hidden obstacles on your path. 

Lantern communicates with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

He works in your favor as a counselor, holding loving space for you.

An essential helper for balance and energy work, expanding your consciousness on your pathway though your spiritual growth. 

To work with Lantern sit in meditation holding him with your hands feeling into his presence in a quiet meditation.

With your eyes closed and heart open.

Begin to see the image of warm glowing light in your hands’s very beautiful and illuminating all around you, filling up your space with love and clear vision.

Ask Lantern to show you the paths and reveal any stumbling blocks in your way.

You may ask for healings or special requests for yourself or others at this point. 

Thank Lantern for his service and helpful incite. 

Lantern works with the third eye Chakra and the Heart Chakra and is a Clear Quartz Crystal Skull 4"L that weighs just under 2pounds.


$565.00 Regular Price
$444.00Sale Price
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