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Lava is a mermaid princess who resides close to the volcano mountain Mauna Loa in Hawaii.
Lava loves the warm water and tropical climate.
Lava came from the mermaid people who are guarding the sacred mountain and work with the volcano goddess Pele.
Lava shows herself as a beautiful female with olive skin.
She has large beautiful eyes and long red hair. Her scale is the color of fire.
As a mermaid princess who guards the sacred mountain, Lava possesses magic power and ancient knowledge of our earth.
Lava will activate the inner fire and passion you have within you, and she will teach you how to alchemize that energy and use it to benefit yourself.
Her connection with the realm of magic will assist you with the expansion of your consciousness and your perspective. Lava will help you to connect to the mermaid realm, the unseen realm behind the veil.
Lava always emanates her energy and warmth. Having her close to you will boost your courage and sincerity. Her energy will manifest into your life through nudges towards the direction of your soul's purpose.
She loves to share her wisdom with you because she wants to see you ascend successfully. Don’t hesitate to connect with Lava and discuss your journey. She will assist you and give you the gift of a higher perspective that allows you to see things from the place of love and integrity.
Spend time meditating while listening to the sound of the ocean with Lava. Let go of your expectations and welcome her energy to assist you.
Cleanse Lava with saltwater and loving intention.


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