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LUCIEN Female ~ The Light Being.  Lucien reveals the truth by exposing it to the light.  She is a compassionate and loving energy. Lucien wants us to be completely honest with ourselves, walking in the truth and the light.  She's great for meditations, especially when you want to start to explore shadow work and self empowerment.  Lucien wants you to meditate on the mantra, I am perfect just as I am right now.  She will encourage you to be a light to others and to go the extra mile.  Always be thoughtful to others, even when we'll never receive kindness from them.  Lucien encourages you to practice Dharma, expressing love on your personal path of truth to yourself. Her number is 14.  She is an opener of the Heart Chakra.  Lucien is a pre-activated elongated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull that measures 2 1/2"L  1 1/4"W 1 1/2"H and 3 7/8 ounces.


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