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Lucio is a pre-activated high definition Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull.

He is a 17th-century Spanish nobleman and his name means light.

Lucio spent his lifetime doing a lot of charity work and devoted himself to the church.
He is very friendly and loves to connect with his crystal skull guardian.
Lucio is emanating a green aura, and he has a heart of gold.

His energy will inspire you to be loving and compassionate towards others.
His energy feels very warm, loving, and welcoming, like an old friend.

He works with your heart chakra by holding space for your pain and trauma.
He will make you feel safe and at ease so you can let love in and let go of past disappointments. Lucio will bring your soul tribe to you to ascend spiritually - surrounded by people who love you for you.

Carry him often and talk to him often. You will find yourself in the delightful company of Lucio.


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