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Lights the pathway on a journey of believing in magic within yourself. 

She is a beautiful mermaid spirit with long wavy hair and a blue aura.

She wears a golden star on her hair and her energy is playful and loving.

Starlight works with opening your third eye and is here to awaken the magic within you. She also aids in strengthening and sharpening your intuition. She will work will with a lightworker or individuals who is interested in awakening their spiritual gifts.
Meditate while wearing her and hold your heart with the hand wearing her. Open your heart to welcome her energy and allow your heart frequency to merge with Starlight's energy. Her guidance usually will come in the form of thoughts or visions. The more you open yourself to Lumencia, the stronger you will bond with her.
Cleanse her with prayers and white sage.

Starlight is a pre-activated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull mounted on a Sterling Silver Ring size 8 1/4. 


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