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Snow Dragon

Lumi is a beautiful, Snow White Dragon

She loves high altitudes, cold blustery days and especially snow.

White dragons are associated with the power the water, or snow in this case.

Snow is symbol of purity and holiness, this is especially helpful because Lumi is a healing energy. 

Lumi is also a creative soul guide, she teaches you how to create divinely inspired work that help others.

Lumi is experienced in healing words, healing music, and all healing art.

Healing is the domain of the White Dragon. 

Lumi is the bringer of brightness, love and peace.

To work with Lumi place her where ever you’d like, but she really enjoy’s open spaces best.

Sit in meditation with her, calling her name 3 times or you can ring a bell 

Focus on the opulent, vision of Lumi flying in bringing with her purifying snow.

You may ask for any needs or healings you might have.

You may also call Lumi in for conversation and counseling, she is very patient and will stay as long as you need her to.

Thank Her for service. 

Lumi is Facilitator of The Heart Chakra.

She is a pre-activated White Jade Dragon Crystal Skull 5" in length.


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