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MAIDEN is a female Rainbow Being. 

Magic worker. 

Vibrates Peace. 

Manifests dreams.

Facilitates psychic abilities. Mental projection. 

Helps activate astral body.

Mediumship and Telepathy.

Maiden says she would like to go to a psychic or a intuitve.

Grows with you in your practice.

Meditation tool. 
Facilitates Divine Feminine Energy. 

Works through the crown chakra.

MAIDEN has beautiful Amethyst Eyes that weigh 3.38ct total and have been mounted in handmade 925 Sterling Silver bezels. She also has something that is very uncommon in a Rose Quartz Crystal Skull which is a "CATS EYE" on the underneath part.  Maiden measures 2 1/8"L 1 1/8"H 1 1/4"W


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