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Is a breathtaking Unicorn with brilliant white fur and an iridescent horn.

She is a loving Being and she emanates a lot of love. Her aura is the color of pale soft pink, and her mane is pearly pink.
Majestic comes bringing the gift of healing. She assists you with inner child healing. And helps you with nurturing and loving your inner child. She shows you the magic that runs through your soul and assists you to see your inner power.
To bond with Majestic, hold her close to your heart and offer her plenty of love. Please introduce yourself to her and be open to receive her energy. You can meditate with her. She might show you her beautiful energy enveloping your body to help to soothe and heal your inner child. Or you can take her and do the things your inner child loves to do. Something that makes your heart sing.
Let go of your expectations and let Majestic’s energy assist you in nurturing your inner child. You might feel the nudge to do certain things you always want to try as a kid, or you might see a vision of your inner child. Majestic’s energy will help you to know the way - to the path of healing.
Offer her plenty of love, cleanse her with water and sage when you feel called to. Sometimes she will ask you to put flowers around her.

Majestic is a pre-activated 2" White Agate hand carved Crystal Skull.



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