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If you see my true form, you might be intimidated by me. I am one of the seraphim Angels. A seraph is a majestic Being, I have three pairs of wings, and I am an Angel who brings hope and salvation.

When I connect with you, I will show you my form as white light. When humans were in my presence, they would often hear high pitch ringing or the sound of a cricket. It is because I sing to them. I sing in a high-frequency song.

My song is my specialty. It can raise your soul’s frequency. The more you surrender and are willing to let go of things that are outdated and not serving you anymore, the more you will benefit from my song.

I bring your soul salvation. I am an Angel of second chance who brings hope. No matter how hard, tired, and hopeless you feel, you mustn’t lose hope.

I will bring you light and opportunities to better yourself in a way you would never imagine.

I will assist you to continue bettering yourself, and I will help you spread your light.

My blessing sometimes is loud, and sometimes it’s subtle. I invite you to be in the present moment so you may notice the heavenly blessings and be open to receiving them.

Connect with me through prayers and set the intention to receive my assistance and end it with gratitude to heaven.

This is a natural red Ruby and Quartz Necklace that has been handwired in Sterling Silver with a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull, 18" length. 


$333.00 Regular Price
$260.00Sale Price
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