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Is a Calla Lily Flower.

She appears as a beautiful female spirit with a glowing golden light that rests on her heart.

Malawi calls herself after the Country of her origin.
She works with your crown and heart chakras.

Malawi uses her flower energy to help your body to heal. It is recommended to connect with Malawi daily to receive her healing power. She will nurture your heart chakra's healing with her unconditional love and keep on working with your heart chakra until it opens and blossoms. Malawi will also assist you to unearth your inner light and let it shine brightly so you can embody your authentic self. She will also assist you to clear your crown chakra to help your connection and embodiment with your highest self. 
To work with Malawi for a quick healing session, sit down in meditation while holding her with both palms. Envision her golden energy enveloping you and your aura and breathe it in. You might feel a warm sensation on your palms during this process. Meditate deeply with Malawi in nature to receive her guidance.  Feel fee to do a reflection after the session. You can do it through automatic writing or by setting the intention to be aware of her guidance through nudges or thoughts.
Cleanse Malawi with sage and water. Offer her gratitude and love and light a sweet-smelling incense next to her.

Malawi is a pre-activated 2" titanium coated Glass Crystal Skull. 


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