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Is connected to the ocean. He feels at home on the water.

Malu returns you to following your natural ebb and flow, like the ocean.

You may be attracted to Malu because you enjoy the small things and understand balance is important in everything.

Malu is all about family and community. Look to the community to find your tribe. There you will flourish.

Malu reminds you to make time for yourself. You deserve a break from responsibilities, take that nap, go get that massage, and read that book. You must make time for yourself the way you do for others. Actually schedule you some play time. Pull out that art or hobby you love to do and create, or just relax.

Cleanse Malu in sage and palo santo smoke.


Malu is a Fully-Activated Sterling Silver Skull ring with Blue Topaz eyes. Size 6. 

This ring cannot be sized but another one like this can be made in an exact size with little or no extra charge. 


$333.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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