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Is translated as “Mother” in Russian.

She is a high-frequency being made of light that carries the motherly and nurturing energy.
Her specialty is working with mother issues:

Repairing and bettering your relationship with your mother.

Will assist you to release the old issues from all mothers of your mother’s lineage.

Because of her motherly energy, inner child healing can also happen.
Mamushka works with you in a very gentle way. She provides space for you and your inner child so both of you can feel safe and seen in her presence. Healing work requires us to feel safe enough to be vulnerable, and Mamushka will use her energy and unconditional love to support you.
Sit down while holding her in your hand. Place your other hand on your heart chakra. Envision yourself being surrounded by a golden light. Be open and tell Mamushka how you feel. You might feel her hugs, you might feel warm in your heart, or you might feel overwhelmed with emotions. Breathe through the session and let go of what needs to be released.
Carry Mamushka as often as you feel called. Place her close by the window. Place her outside by the sun when you feel called. Cleanse her with sage and water and give her your thanks.

Mamushka is a 2" length preactivated titanium coated Golden Glass Crystal Skull.



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