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Sea Snake Goddess

Manoa is an uncommon Goddess, she very rarely seen or heard from, she is from the elusive Sea Snake Goddesses. 

Manoa is an beautiful iridescent Blue and Green color, and she lives along the warm Mediterranean Sea near the island of Crete. 

Manoa spends her day’s hiding out in volcanic fishers around the rocks and crevice’s looking for lobster’s  and occasionally finding treasure.

Even though Manoa stay’s hidden most of the time she’s not afraid to show her self to humans as an Eel or Sea Snake.

Make no mistake she is still an ancient Goddess who was worshiped and adored in Ancient Greece. 

Manoa works her magic under the surface, she’s deeply connected to the spiritual world and the Subconscious mind. 

She hears everything though waves and sends messages though waves, because Information transfers rapidly in water. 

Manoa will help you focus and set clear intentions and goals.

She can help you see clearly and heighten your intuition.

Manoa can help with Shadow work or soul searching, rediscovering that treasure you may have lost. 

Manoa reminds us of the positive aspects of finding a crevice to search and being in isolation from time to time to explore our potential and heal our spirits.

To work with Manoa sit quietly in meditation, feel safe and relaxed under the deep blue waves of the mind.

Your invited to use sea sounds, music or waves  if you’d like during this meditation.

Begin to look around at your underwater environment, you are Manoa as you search around for tension, challenges, healings or specific requests.

As you locate these issues, simply see them begin to dissolve and resolve.

Ask for guidance and release any attachments. 

Manoa will give extra daily protection when asked.

Thank her for her guidance and service.

Manoa is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra and she is a Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull that is one of the Golden Children and weighs 1.75 lbs and comes with Full Activation (enlivening) included. 


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