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Marcell is a black Pegasus with warrior energy. He appears as a jet black shiny horse with a wavy long mane. His energy feels very calm and grounded.
Marcell is very protective to his companion. He will protect you against psychic attack, negative energy, and low vibrational entities.
He is a good companion to have to make sure that you astral travel safely when you are a sleep. He loves to be by your side. Sleeping with him near you or having him with you on the bed is highly recommended, so that he can keep you safe while you sleep.
Marcell protects your crown chakra by guarding it to make sure that you only receive guidance from the highest light only.

He also is a great skull for someone who is sensitive to any type of energy.  He provides a sort of a buffer.
Lastly, Marcell loves to be under running water.

Meditate with him in the bath is also a great way to connect with him.


Marcell is a medium nice size Shungite Crystal Skull. 


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