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Mardok is a Divine Masculine energy. He shows himself sitting on a golden throne looking down on everything. He says, I am a God, but not one you know of on Earth. He looks like a giant. He has the demeanor of a warrior. He holds a large staff in his right hand and a thin gold crown of leaves around his head. He has dark hair and is very muscular.

Mardok says he came here to help even out the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. He wants to hold sacred space for the merger to take place, with the littlest bit of trouble. The merger of the Divine energies as one again; both in each of us and on the grander scale. They must listen to each other he says. There is much healing to do. They were pitted against each other on purpose. When they are not Divinely united, they can be taken down easier. There are beings on Earth that are not Divine, he says. They made a plan to play the Divine against itself. They have succeeded for many lifetimes here. That is about to end. Their reign is over.

Mardok says that both sides of the Divine need to reunite. The faster this happens, the faster the evolution and return back to the natural state of being. As one!

Mardok needs both Divines to see what has happened and realize they are not enemies. They are one in the same. One cannot thrive without the other. Divine balance is the only way to exist in peace. Without balance there is chaos.

Mardok sees that each Divine is carrying resentment against the other, which causes inner turmoil and self hatred. You can not hate one half of you and live peacefully. There needs to be healing work done to fix this. If each individual will begin the healing an forgiveness within themselves then it will spread through the collective, just as the separation did. You must know that this was all fabricated to separate you, both from each other and from your true Divine self. Causing outer and inner chaos that spreads through the collective. You are all connected as one. When one is suffering it affects each of the others. You must fight back! That has not been possible so far because most of you don’t even know that you are at war. You just think that this is the way things are and you are helpless to change it. You couldn’t be more wrong. Begin with yourself.

Sit with Mardok, so he can hold neutral ground for union, and write down all of the things that come up when you think of each, write a Masculine and Feminine side or two pieces of paper. Think of any traumas associated with masculines that you have and write them down. As many as you can think of. From actual physical abuse, to abandonment, to things you heard growing up and have come to believe about them. Like, men always leave, men only love you for one thing, real men don’t cry, etc..

Then do the same for the feminine. Any mother issues of trauma, abuse, abandonment, etc. Women only want your money, women are not trustworthy, etc. Or situations that left a broken heart that you have felt for either side. Write it all down. Now as you go down the list and look answer the question is this really truth about all. You will see that it is not really true for the entire collective. Feel the anger and hurt build up inside you. Cry if you need to. Then crumple up the paper and as you do say, I release any and all anger and trauma preventing the Divine union of the Feminine and Masculine inside of me. I forgive all that have ever caused me harm or pain and ask for forgiveness from those I have done the same. I forgive myself for living in divide and release all guilt being held anywhere in my body. See your two Divine counterparts embrace in front of you, as they hold each other in total forgiveness they begin to merge and become one.

Say, "I am forgiven. From this moment forward may my Divine counterparts work hand in hand and heart to heart together as one." So it is.

Picture yourself handing the balled up paper to Mardok and watch as he destroys it or transmutes it to light. You can dispose of the paper by burning it safely, rip it too pieces and flush it down the toilet or tear it up and bury it in the Earth away from your home. Follow your inner guidance.

Mardok wants you to share this with others and do this work for others if you feel called. However, by healing your inner Divine counterparts you are healing the collective. That may be all you need to do.

Now, start living in union and forgiveness, knowing that people hurt others because they are hurting. Live in compassion and model that for others. It will spread. Do not allow your ears to hear gossip that divides the Divine even more. Speak the union into existence. When you are vibrating at the highest Divine union frequency your outer Divine will be attracted towards you. You must live in harmony inside, which creates harmony outside.

Mardok will work with you as long as you need or want, to create this harmony. It is not an easy or quick healing. You can do the release meditation as many times as you need and Mardok will give you other things to do. Devine union of the Feminine and Masculine is his only focus until it is done. As within so without.

Cleanse Mardok by laying him on the earth, cleanse with sage or the ringing of bells.


Mardok is a 108 Japa mala. Made with turquoise and onyx and a black obsidian skull. 


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