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Mars is a priest who originated from a different dimension.

His portal is located in our very own Red planet.

He carries a long staff, and his eyes are the color of fire and is aura is 
the color of warm red.
Mars is now serving in the 3D realm as a mentor.
Mars’ primary mission is to see you succeed in your life and spiritually.
Mars works directly with your soul, and his energy manifests through realizations.
His specialty is to show you which path your soul wants you to take.
He helps bring awareness to things you need to do to succeed.
Mars will show you things you need to let go of to expand and grow.
His energy assists you by bringing you the courage to leap of faith.
Mars works continuously to remove distortions and confusion from your energetic field.
He would assist you in achieving peace, feeling grounded, and focusing.
Mars prefers to work with someone that wants to be the best version of themselves, and he also prefers to have a close connection with you.
Spend some time meditating with Mars with an open heart and mind.
Carry him as often as you feel called. Mars is a FULLY activated recon Amber Crystal Skull.


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