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Mary is a Divine couple, equal balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. When I asked their name the D.F. spoke up and said, “we are Mary”. They walked with the one they call Christ. The Feminine is short in stature, wearing browns and blues, and a brown wrap over her head hanging down covering her long dark hair. The masculine is tall and slim, wears browns and has black hair. They stand so close together, as one, her tucked safely under his arm as we talk.

In the lifetime they are showing me they were together as one in a feminine body and their name was Mary.

Mary is here to teach about judgement. They have carefully chosen you to work with. Your lesson for this lifetime may in fact be judgement and that’s why Mary is coming in to your life at this time. This is a crucial time for you.

Mary knew judgement and watched many people suffer at the hands of judgment. They never understood the separation mentality. They knew we are all of the one source and each a different aspect of it. It should flow together like a symphony in perfect harmony. They see humanity’s future and are excited that there will finally be peace on Earth. They want to help while they wait to incarnate again, to the New Earth.

With judgement comes Karma.

Mary will help you realize that judgement has no place in your heart or here on Earth. They will bring to light your judgements so you can release them. By modeling this behavior you will cause a ripple effect in people around you and do your part in bringing about peace.

You must heal all judgements. Those made upon you and those you make about others. We have been programmed to judge others as if it is normal, acceptable behavior. We don’t even realize we are doing it. Mary is going to shine light on it for you so you start to notice when you are doing it and can correct the thought immediately. Look at her..., I cant believe he…,I would never…,She/he shouldn’t…,I’m so…, I am (negative judgement). All of these sentences are a judgement. Finish any of them and see. Pay attention when you hear these and others coming from your mouth. Stop judging yourself as well. You are not the things you have done or not done. You are just you. A beautiful spark of Godd experiencing this magical Earth.

Mary will help you heal from the judgements that has been placed on you by others and you will awaken to the realization that you are not those things. It is no ones place to judge you. You are on your own unique path of soul lessons. How we handle them and learn from them is unique to each of us, in each situation. Not one person reacts or learns the same way.

Mary wants you to remember who you are and that only you get to make decisions as to who you are.

Judgement carries a low vibration and has no place in the future of Earth. Imagine a world where everyone gets to be, and express themselves, exactly as they choose without fear of judgement. Imagine a world where you get to be the person you feel you are inside, no matter what others have thought in the past. Imagine being in complete non-judgement of others to the point that how others act or look has absolutely no space in your head. No thought of them at all. Imagine it and it will be so. Do your part and others will see what a stress-free, joyful life you have and will follow suit.

You can carry Mary with you and radiate the pure, unconditional love vibration they carry inside.

Mary assists healing all of your inner child/childhood trauma from how you were judged. No child should be judged or put into a category as the bad kid, too sensitive, dumb, etc. None of these things are actually true. Labeling people is judgement and very damaging to a child. Mary will hold space for you to heal from all of it. That way when/if you decide to have children you break the cycle and others around you will awaken to what they are doing as well and break their cycles. Creating an entire new generation of compassionate, non judgmental children and society.

You will start to see people as they truly are, souls deserving of unconditional love and the judgement of no one, not even themselves.

Cleanse Mary with blessed spring water (simply bless it with prayer of your choice), lay them on the Earth and near your plants in your home. The high vibration of crystal singing bowls will also cleanse and refresh them.


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