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Master is a multidimensional extraterrestrial being who lives in the Alpha Centauri star system.
In his home, Master is the representative Sage who, together with many Beings, assists the spiritual ascension of many different beings in the Milky Way galaxy.
Master would send his consciousness to assist different beings in helping them to ascend.
He is an 8 feet tall humanoid being. He has long limbs, large eyes, an elongated head, and a gentle demeanor.
Master has dedicated his life to solitude in order to learn the wisdom of the universe.
Master is looking for a soul who is ready to evolve higher. Master will take your spirit to the next level, and he will do it with so much gentleness and love.
Master has access to your Akashic records regarding your past lives outside our earth. He will activate the gifts you once master and help you remember them again to use them to support raising your frequency and vibration.
Master favors those who are humble and eager to learn. Working with Master is a process he doesn’t like to rush; he wants to make sure you progress steadily.
He will activate each of your chakras and your light channels so you can receive cosmic codes to elevate your light body. As your frequency steadily goes higher, your perspective will operate from the higher dimensions, and this will assist in healing many triggers you have.
Master will teach you the art of unconditional love and utilize the love frequency for healing your shadows and inspiring others to do the same. He will connect you with your Star families.
Master works with communication. After sitting in silent meditation with him, spend time doing automatic writing and reflect on the insight.
Cleanse him with water and charge him under the evening sky when you feel guided.  Master is a pre-activated elongated smoky Crystal Skull 2 1/2"L 


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