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The Mountain Spirit.

Who is a mountain spirit from the Mountains of Andes.

Mathias means “Gift of God.” Mathias brings blessings to your life.
He appears as a young man with an orange aura.
Mathias has the energy of a leader. He knows his purpose, and his energy will open that aspect of yourself.
He will assist you in finding your purposes and find blessings in your journey and encourages self-belief.
He will help you elevate your self-esteem and brings you confidence.
Mathias will guide you on how to be a fierce yet compassionate leader in your life.
To work with Mathias, hold him on your left palm and place him near your heart chakra. Meditate following your breaths and listen to your thoughts. Mathias will speak to you through your thoughts. Be open to receive and say your gratitude.
Mathias loves to be placed on earth to charge and he will let you know when he needs to be charged.

Mathias is a pre-activated high definition Red Jasper Crystal Skull.


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