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Wild Horse

Having the wide opened prairie mindset, Wild abandonment and full speed potential, that’s our Maverick.

It you’ve ever felt that connecting to horses or feeling of the wind though your hair you have the Maverick Spirit.

Maverick has a few definitions but we will describe a bit of what he’s trying to tell us.

Maverick is an unconventional, independent entity.

He does not conform in the same way as others do.

The Mavericks tend to search for the feelings of freedom and solidarity, retreating for time to think and contemplate.

A loner, as an intellectual, an artist, who takes an independent stand

and literally runs with it, is the best definition.

Do you have a bit of a Maverick running wild though your veins Partner???

If not we’ll here’s your chance to grab the bull by the horns and harness some of that Wild Western Spirit. 

To work with Maverick sit in a quiet meditation and clear your mind.

In your minds eye, find yourself on a prairie with a beautiful 90 degree view and not a soul to be seen.

Begin to look around in all directions the absolutely nothing hindering on you clear view or vision. 

What do you see? Is there a storm moving in from the west? In the other direction clear skies? Feel the solidarity and relax deeply breathing in this freedom.

Plan to meditate outside occasionally to feed that sense of freedom to help open your mind up to potential.

Wear Maverick everywhere to remind you to run away with yourself from time to time. Maverick is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

New Mexico Turquoise Skull made in a Handmade Sterling Silver ring size 6 1/2.


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