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Daughter of Fall Harvest.

Much thought goes into a planting a successful crop, Maze is the result of the discipline, planning and expectation of a bountiful Fall Harvest. 

Each bead of this special creation is a faith seed of potential. 

Maze was placed strategically in the seat of expectation, tightly untwined and secured on a Sterling wire or cord connecting herself to your intentions.

This entire necklace is vibrantly charged and awaiting to be in service to your specific needs, prayers and dreams.

Maze will tend to the confetti like seedlings on your necklace as if individual plants 

Maze will Nurture each of your needs, and bring in your blessings. 

To work with Maze Daughter Of Fall Harvest, sit in a prayer meditation.

Hold your necklace and implant each request into each bead.

You can plant one intention into all the beads like a entire field of corn 

Or plant  different intention’s in the beads like a diverse garden.

When you want to change the Field or helix reset Maze with White sage and speak to each bead by saying the word Be Cleared.

You can keep the crop planted as long as you like, or when you see your Harvest come to fruition. 

Always remember to relax and release your good faith, as the sweet rain of blessings work in service for you. 

Maze is facilitator of the Crown Chakra.


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