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My name is Meadow. Since I was young, I have had the ability to see people’s problems through their souls. I could and still do see soul contracts and soul debts.

I will help you complete your soul lessons. Often, souls get stuck repeating their cycles for many lifetimes. I’ll help your soul close these cycles so you can move forward. I will attract blessings and clarity to your life.

I am a natural healer. People were unconsciously drawn to my energy because my presence brought healing to them. I know changes can be scary and difficult. Often changes bring triggers. Allow me to comfort you and guide you as you go through these changes. Let my presence be your guiding light and help you heal.

I will assist you in manifesting your desire through heart-based services. Kindness brings prosperity and helps to purify your karmas.

I have helped many souls to complete their lessons. If you are drawn to me, that means that your soul is asking for my assistance. Open your heart to receive a gift from the universe through me.


Meadow is a pre-activated 2”L elongated Tiger Eye Crystal Skull.


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