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Metaphysical Poet

Meander is a fully inspired poetic vibration of compassion, expressing himself with meaningful words by picking up a pen and writing with a stream of consciousness style or metaphysical writing. Metaphysical poetry is a genre of poetry that deals with deep and profound subject like creation, spirituality, and love, this is a highly intellectual form of poetry.

Meander presents the world to you in a different way asking questions that science cannot answer. 

Meander prompts you to contemplate, and asks questions pertaining to your own reality and human experience.

He would like to take you beyond the physical world giving you a new perspectives through his imagery, wit and paradoxical thinking 

Meander understands how to express what he feels by keen observation and brilliant writing skills.

Meander experiences the world in ways that we are unable to comprehend or express verbally. 

These are usually useful experiences for us to learn and grow from.

This poet has this unexplainable talents and gifts to share with you and the entire world. 

To work with Meander chose a time when you are ready to unwind and relax to meditate with him.

Clear your mind of any mental chatter and sit quietly for at least 15-30 minutes focusing on your breathing. 

After your meditation if you’re ready for some interesting and insightful observations begin writing in your Meander Journal your perspectives and deep questions. pause and listen to the words that begin to generate. These are your Meander Messages! 

Meander is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

He is a pre-activated 4"L Orange Calcite Crystal Skull weighing one pound and two oz.


SKU: CAL432133
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