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Jamalee 🦥

Koala bear

Jamalee is a friendly, easy going Koala bear.

He’s lives near the Eastern Coast of Australian, in a forest full of delicious eucalyptus trees.

Jamalee is connected to his family,

community and the earth. 

He is connected, compassionate and completely happy in the present moment, this comes from his faith in universal abundance.

Jamalee is always in a natural state of tranquility and bliss. 

Home is his haven and he’s inviting you to consider taking some time for rest and recuperation.

Just enjoy some time for yourself. 

Jamalee is connected to the subconscious realm, where he’s observed handing on to heaven and also grounded to earth by way of his eucalyptus tree.

We are also suspended between Heaven and Earth. 

Connect to Jamalee in meditation, and visualization.

Clear your mind and watch him from a distance. What can we observe if we were to take his place high in the abundant eucalyptus tree’s?

What perspective would he bring to you? 

Feel into Jamalee’s blissed out state of mindfulness.

You may ask for provisions, blessings or healings. There’s an absolute

abundance for everyone!

Thank him for his service and release any attachments.

Jamalee is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.


He is a Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull.


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