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Melody is female Pixie.

She comes from the realm of a fairy called Attara.
Melody shows herself as a small fairy with translucent wings.
She wears a green dress, and her aura is yellow and green.
Melody expresses herself through songs.

She loves to sing, and her songs have a special magic.
Melody’s song assists you with heart chakra healing. She soothes and mends a broken heart.
Her song helps with grieving as well.
Melody also works with your throat chakra. Her energy gives you the courage to express yourself.
Melody assists with inner child healing through the throat chakra. She helps to set the inner child free by giving you the power to embody authentic you.
Melody’s energy manifests through dreams, realizations, and affirmations.
Spend some time journaling after you meditate with Melody to integrate the insight you gained.
Melody enjoys nature and listening to classical music.
Offer her your love and gratitude and cleanse her with clear spring water.

She is a pre-activated 2" L Green Jasper Crystal Skull.


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