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Itanya Faerie🧚🏽

Itanya faerie or Tanya is a mighty little faerie. Her name means the little one, with great hope. She’s a diligent, CAN DO Energy!  Nothing is ever impossible when you focus and set your intentions on auto pilot. Tanya will help you with establishing your spiritual ideals, and align your perspective and behaviors to these ideals. Tanya believes persistence is always key! This process is not done once, but is ever evolving. Tanya asks you to become as flexible as the Willow tree as you change, and keep you eye on the target. Tanya will clear negative energy out of your way before it even has a chance to get started. Tanya is a great protector of her keeper she’ll help with your intuition to reveal truths. To work with Itanya Faerie🧚🏽 write down the request, goals or needs you may have, and fold 3 times. Occasionally, offer her rose essential oil, fresh water, flowers and candy. Place your request on her alter, Thank her for her service and release attachment. Itanya Faerie is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.


One Lemurian Clear Quartz semi-optical pre-activated Crystal Skull.


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