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Comes in hot and causes change in your life. He comes from the stars and he is a protector and warrior who is gentle and kind. Others get whatever side of him is appropriate at the time, he says. Meteor will shake things up and may burn them away. He comes during your tower moment, if you are familiar with the Tarot. When it appears that things are falling apart, in reality they are all falling into divine place. When you won’t move from your comfort zone no matter how many times Spirit has nudged you - because you have something amazing waiting for you.

As fear is just False evidence appearing real and it’s part of the false matrix. You are about to rise above that, the easy way or the hard way, but either way it’s time to get moving. Meteor believes in you and will help you to fully believe in yourself. You are from the stars too, after all. You are a powerful Being and Meteor wants to remind you of that. He will get rid of those low vibrating things once and for all. If you have been falling behind in your life’s clean up duties, then this may appear like everything is falling apart or everyone is leaving you. This is your false evidence. You have known that these people, activities, vices, and surroundings were not the best for you. Instead of them going away one by one easily, now they all have to go at once, possibly because you didn’t do the work.

Meteor is not for the faint at heart. He has come to change everything! He is going to shower you with blessings on blessings, after the room has been made for them to come in. If you have been doing your work and leaving behind that which does not serve your highest good, then you are right on time. You will not have a tower moment. You will slip seamlessly into your higher timeline. It will be easier for you to let these last things and people go because you have seen and felt enough to know that you deserve the best and that you are the only one ever standing in your way from it all.

Sit in meditation with Meteor and ask him to show you what needs to go and ask for his help in letting go of it, or making it go if it refuses to leave. He will show you what needs to go and also the life waiting for you on the other side of that release. He will get the stagnant energy flowing again so that your abundance can flow right in to you. Set Meteor next to the bed during dream time and place him by the front door to protect and watch over you and your space. You may take him to work with you and ask him to protect your boundaries from those unwanted energies and people. Make sure to always ask him for help or protection. He can not just interfere in your human life without your consent, each day, start out by asking him to help with what you need or want. Cleanse Meteor in sage smoke and set him in the sunlight to burn things away and recharge his fire. You can set him on the Earth too for cleansing and recharging. Side note; sitting on the Earth works on you too.

Meteor is a pre-activated Peruvian Pyrite Skull measuring 3 1/2"L            2 1/2"W 2 1/2"H and weighing 2 pounds.


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