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Is a mushroom being. He is connected to all of the mushrooms on earth. They exchange information between themselves. He says that mushrooms are actually very advanced beings that took form on earth to help humanity to heal, expand and evolve. He says there is a mushroom for everything. Once they are consumed the Being returns straight back to earth to grow again. They are very happy with this cycle as helping humanity fulfills them. Midas says that we can learn so much from them.

Midas is a very sweet and patient being with a kind heart and is very eager to teach. He will teach you kindness, patience and sacrifice for the greater good of all.

Midas will connect you to the plant realms and back to Mother Earth. He grounds you and encourages you to get outside barefoot in the grass or dirt. Get your hands dirty. Much information is exchanged between you and Earth that you are not even aware of by doing this. You are balanced and cleansed and the Earth “reads” your information to know what you, and humanity, are lacking and need to thrive. Any negative energy you have absorbed is taken in and away from you, then filling you up with negative ions regenerating you.

Midas will have you talking to plants. Blessing your food and wanting to garden or buy plants, even if you never have wanted to before.

Midas, as all mushroom beings, can heal your body, and nourish your mind, body and soul. You draw to you who and what you need at any given moment. There are mushrooms for food and sustaining the body. There are mushrooms that expand your mind and take you beyond the veil to see all the places and Beings that are truly around us. Mushrooms as medicine to heal our body and our minds. There are mushrooms that are poisonous to us, teaching us discernment, to listen to our intuition and to educate ourselves on our environments and how they work to help us or not, and to be aware that all that sparkles are not gold.

You may be drawn to mushroom medicine if you are drawn to Midas, or be a Mother Earth and plant lover. You may feel called to help heal the Earth or others.

Midas is great for grounding. Meditate with him and he will expand your mind and then safely return you back to earth refreshed and grounded.

Cleanse Midas by placing him on the earth, salt, or in a plant bed of dirt. Place him near your mushrooms if you have any.

Midas is a pre-activated Blueish Brown Golden Agate measuring 3"L and weighing 12 ounces.


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