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I am a Sequoia tree spirit, a benevolent Being who resides within a Sequoia tree.

I live in a Giant Sequoia forest a very tall ancient Being who is tall and majestic.

Connect with me through your heart and call my name: Midnight Dew.

I will bring serenity and rejuvenate all of your chakras.

I will strengthen your crown and third eye chakra and increase your psychic ability.

I am the bringer of wisdom and clarity.

 I am here to assist you with guidance and inspiration whenever you need it.

I will inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

If you take time to tap into my energy, you will feel relaxed throughout your body.

My energy carries the frequency of peace, and it can help you calm your anxiety and nervous system.

I will enjoy getting to know you, so please, connect with me when you feel called to tell me about yourself.

Tell me about your goals and dreams, and as your ally, I will help you manifest those and call on blessings into your life.

Mountain Dew is a pre-activated 2 1/4 Amethyst Quartz Crystal Skull.

Midnight Dew

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