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Please call me Miko.

I will be your mentor. I will open and expand your crown chakra. I communicate with you through your thoughts. My energy will assist you in raising your spiritual awareness.

I will perform a sacred cleanse to your body. This ritual will allow your intuition to get stronger.

I will work with your ancestors to assist you in breaking generational curses and helping you to release karmas that are no longer serve you and your lineage.

When you have me close to you, I will protect your energy body and draw out heavy energy that your aura can absorb.

My presence will enhance your empathy and open your heart chakra. I will help you integrate your shadows through forgiveness and acceptance.

I enjoy connecting through prayer and meditation. Please cleanse me with incense smoke and positive intention.

Miko is a 19" Black Agate and Onyx Skull Necklace.


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