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Flower Being

Mimosa is a beautiful pink powder puff flower being.  Her home is in the remote mountains of China.

Mimosa is truly an exotic beauty, she fully embraces her charm and femininity but she is a very wise leader in her community.

Mimosa has a special resilience and a great ability to create abundance.

Mimosa speaks minimally, but her words are altruistic and passionate, she is both a picture of strength and beauty.

Mimosa is the ultimate feminine divine energy. 

She practices Chi Gong and ancient medicines along with her meditation.

She brings the mind, body and Spirit together in perfect unison. 

Mimosa is highly talented, she spends her free time writing poetry and reading books. 

Mimosa feels it’s best to respond by our example, and that is how you can change hearts and minds.

Mimosa tells her stories to her community and to children inspiring heart’s of all ages. 

Mimosa is good at everything she pursues.

Mimosa practices a Buddhist path but she embraces all spiritualists.

She is graceful and well poised, calling herself a student of life. 

Mimosa reminds us to do all tasks as if pursuing a passion.

She is very kind and friendly she enjoys meeting friends for tea and conversation.

To work with Mimosa sit in daily prayers chanting or mantra’s.

Attempt one task at a time and give yourself the space to breathe and take time for yourself too.

Mimosa  is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra

Mimosa is a pre-activated Amethyst, Quartz and Hematite

108 Japa Skull with reading included.


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