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Is an Indigenous Elder who’s job was to look to the stars for answers.

He would sit under the vast black sky and read the stars, and decipher the messages he received. He spoke to the Elders before him and the Beings here before us. They would guide him and pass on vital information for his people.

Minatauka is now one of the sky Elders of which we would call upon.

Upon becoming one, he has access to all of the information that has ever existed or will ever exist.

Minatauka helps you decipher messages you are receiving from your Ancestors and star families, that you may not realize are messages yet.

He also helps with reconnecting you with your Ancestors and the wise ones who came before you...clearing away any attachments you may have that are blocking this information from getting through.

He will help you clear your energy fields so you are a clear receiver again.

Minatauka also reminds you not to get lost in the stars either and suggests balancing both the mundane and the spiritual. 

Minatauka is also a great companion for any shadow work that needs to be done. He is the vast darkness, after all.

Sit with Minatauka in meditation, and contemplation. Ask him to show you what you need to see clearly at that moment. Ask him to help open the lines of communication with your Ancestors and guides. Let him guide you through the vast unknown and show you all the mysteries of our universe.

Cleanse Minatauka in running water and sage. Set him under the moonlight for charging.


Minatauka is a Fully-Activated Black Obsidian Skull measuring 4" L 2" W 2"H and weighing 1 3/4 pound. 



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