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Pure Heart


Radiates pure unconditional LOVE frequency.

She appears as a bright pink feminine energy and aura with a striking face adorned with beautiful jewels.  She is always emanating her pure unconditional love frequency.
Pure Heart's specialty is working with your soul through your heart chakra. She helps you to heal the soul and also assists in soul retrieval. 

To work with Pure Heart, make yourself fomfortable and do conscious breathing through your heart chakra. Allow yourself to sink into a deep meditation and let Pure Heart works her magic. Visions of bright pink light enveloping your body might happen during the meditation. Have an open heart and surrender to the process.
Pure Heart can be cleansed with sage.

She is an Activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull handfrabricated in Sterling Silver in a size 6. Moderate sizing can be done for no extra charge.

Pure Heart

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