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Molten is an elemental fire spirit. He appears as a bright orange ball of energy.
His presence brings intense warmth, and his aura is the color of glowing orange with sparkles. Molten resides in various volcanoes around the world.
He  possesses many abilities and strong magic to assist you.
He utilizes his fire to bring a warm glow to your heart chakra and burns away your dense emotions.
Molten holds two aspects of fire. To destroy and to purify.
He uses fire energy to purify and heal your body and chakra. Place Molten to heal to each of your chakra you feel like need some attention.
To heal your body, he uses his energy to envelop you inside gold light.
Molten burns energetic attachment/cords to things that are no longer serving you.
He can also send his energy to purify other crystals.
Molten assist you with astral projection and protect you in the astral realm.
Meditate with Molten when you can.
His energy manifest as sensations and strong nudges.
Place Molten under the sun when he guides you to.
Offer Molten your gratitude and love.

Molten is a pre-activated recon Amber Crystal Skull.


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