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You may call me Gentle Touch. I am a fairy from the land of Fae. My people call me “Diamond Wings” because my wings are sparkly like a diamond.💎
I am a female fairy. I have short white hair, grey eyes and I love to smile. When I fly, I leave a trail of glittering light. I adore birds of all kinds and love communicating with them.
You might notice when you are with me, you will hear birds chirping around you. I like to work with birds to bring healing frequency through their songs for your benefit.
I am your guide, your friend, and your teacher. I will guide you with your soul journey. I will always be there for you and assist you whenever you need my guidance.
I work with your soul. I am the master of transcending fear. I will help you heal and release your fears through your Akashic records. When I access your soul’s library, I can assist you in finding the root of your problem while helping you close that cycle simultaneously.
My light will fill your heart and be your guide when you work with your shadows. My light will protect you and repel negative energy.
My courage will assist you in expanding your growth and exceeding your own expectations.
Take a walk with me outside in nature and let yourself be one with nature. Open your heart to receive my love.


One Sterling Silver handwired 18" multi-colored Crystal Skull Necklace made with one Clear Quartz Crystal Skull inlcuding its full reading.  


One pair of Sterling Silver handwired rainbow moonstone and pearl  dangle earrings. 

Gentle Touch ~ Moonstone Duo

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