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Gentle Stream

Is a healing skull assisting with spiritual growth.

She is an Elemental Water Being who resides in a deep, pristine lake located remotely all over the world.
She speaks with a soft voice and loves to take care of animals who live in the water.
Gentle Stream assists with opening your heart and filling it with love and compassion.
She uses the property of water to cleanse all of your chakras and your aura to help you with spiritual hygiene.
Gentle Stream is the master of Zen and can assist you in achieving a self-focus.
A cleansing bath with Gentle Stream promotes a calm feeling that allows you to see things from a higher perspective.
As the master of Zen, her energy helps you make a decision from the place of serenity and a clear mind.
Wear Gentle Stream as often as you wish to benefit from her beautiful energy and support.
Always remember to communicate with her to receive her guidance through meditation.
Cleanse her regularly with sage.

Gentle Stream is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull made into a Sterling Silver handwired 18" multi-colored moonstone necklace. 

Gentle Stream

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