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Mouwe is a Lemurian King who is also the head priest of a Star Temple. He appears as a gallant handsome man. A blue aura surrounds him.
His energy feels calm yet strong and is a quiet spirit but very supportive of his Skull Keeper.
Mouwe works with crown and heart chakra, making him an excellent skull for lightworkers. He will assist you in channeling high-frequency extraterrestrial consciousness. Mouwe will work with your highest self to bring awareness of the changes you need to continue to grow spiritually.
He is an attentive skull to his caretaker. He will make sure that your crown chakra will always be in tip-top shape to channel divine consciousness. He will also make sure that our heart chakra is wide open so that you can utilize your heart chakra to receive the unconditional love that is always available around you.
Spend time meditating with him in silence to connect with him. Mouwe will show you the vast knowledge and wisdom he has.

Mouwe is a pre-activated high grade Lapis Lazuli carved as a Chief Crystal Skull.


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