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Star Being

Orbita is a Golden Star Being.

She has entered our dimension by way of gravitational forces that pull the moon and the earth together.

She is a light hearted intuitive, and an observational entity. 

Obita is highly intelligent, she lives with many others like herself in a system called Andromeda. Orbita is considered a youth at almost 500 years old.

Although she’s more of an observational energy, she does spend time checking in on the Star Seeds and the highly conscious, living Beings.

She really enjoys communicating with them especially, seeing living Beings in their peaceful, creative state of mind.

To work with Orbita first understand you can call on her for counseling but not to intervene directly.

She’s basically going to give you advice after she listens to you working your challenges and concerns out on your own first.

Orbita will help you think clearly, and creatively by sending you higher vibrations. 

She’s incredibly good for intuitiveness and peaceful problem solving. (also great for scatterbrain thinking)

To work with Orbita sit in meditation and begin to clear your mind, spend as long as you want in a peaceful relaxed state.

Orbita works with you AFTER you’ve meditated.

She’ll keep you clear for the entire day!

Orbita is Facilitator of the third eye chakra.


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