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Golden Angel

Gideon, is the fighter of fear based thinking.

He a Spiritual warrior who knows how to go about a strategy to annihilate his enemy….fear.

The word fear looks rather timid with it’s dirty, four little letters, but it’s the driving force of why awakened people will never reach their potential.

Gideon is going to make sure your fully aware of his alliance with you and what he plans to to with…..f e a r 

That’s right Gideon has your back!

Gideon brings compassion and mindfulness to the direct experience of the fears you may have had in the past or are having now.

He wants to take you inside to the real refuge of unconditional presence. 

Compassion is the spacious quality of the heart that allows us to hold with tenderness, whatever we are experiencing. ️‍

The healing heart seeks to answer the all the questions…Gideon wants us to be mindful reconciling your moment-to-moment experience.

Being mindfully means you are aware of the stories you are telling yourself. 

Allowing yourself to feel all the sensations in your body can initially emphasize our compassion and mindfulness which is essential to face our fears and inadequacies, and ultimately getting healings.

To work with Gideon come to a safe space, hold him in hand.

Feel as much compassion and even tears if you allow for them, feel the past trauma, and hurts you have experienced.

Lean into these emotions if it feels right, Gideon is safely in front of your heart ️ space to make perfect peace with these presents emotions.

Now if you’d like to part with them, ask Gideon to take them with him to purification fires and release forever.

Give blessings and Thank him for his powerful service.

Gideon is facilitator of the Heart Chakra ️


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