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Is an Ancient Greek muse of love poetry.

She appears as a tall, slender, and beautiful female wearing a white dress and has a bright white aura.

Erato works with the God of Love, Eros.

Erato always emanates unconditional love energy that brings warmth and peace to your heart. She assists you by helping you to attract your soul tribe and soulmates. She carries her lyre and loves to play a song that soothes the heart chakra. Her songs help to cleanse your heart chakra from lower vibrational emotions. Erato’s energy encourages you to love yourself and others. Her energy assists you with forgiveness and helps you to act from the place of love and compassion. Erato taps into your crown chakra and helps you to expand your perspective and enchants your creativity. She will pray and meditate with you as well as eexpress her energy through dreams or poetry. Practice some journaling after connecting with Eratos to integrate the wisdom you have received. Offer Eratos a small flower when you feel called and give her your gratitude. Erato is a pre-activated White Jade Skull 2" in length.


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