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Works with holy fire and is a devout Hindu practitioner.

She is a worshiper of the sacred fire and often practices ritual with mantras over the holy fire. She shows herself as a beautiful dark skin female, and she wears a bright orange sari. Maya's name means “illusion,” She utilizes her sacred fire to shatter fear and illusions that hold you back. Her sacred fire helps to purify your aura and your chakras. Maya assists with purifying your karma and cleansing the energies that are no longer serving you. She works with your ancestors to help you close karmic cycles and contracts. Maya’s energy will help you ignite the fire of your soul that encourage you to go to the path of your soul. She works with your sacral chakra and assists you with divine feminine cleansing. Her energy manifests through feelings and would encourage you to practice certain mantras while you meditate. You might feel warmth and passion when you connect with her. Maya enjoys meditation and also likes to be placed on an altar. Offer Maya incense and your gratitude.

Maya is a FULLY ACTIVATED recon Amber Crystal Skull 2 1/2" in length.


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