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MYSTIC The Knowing ~ Male / Magic Worker / Mystic.  Diving deep into the Divine.  Mystic is a scholar in the studies of the subconscious and dream world. Mystic can lead you into intoxicating deep meditations, if you dare to go there.  Mystic will bring thought provoking questions up for the two of you to contemplate together.  Mystic is wonderful for any type of shadow work.  He can expose your challenges to further your personal path and enhance enlightenment.  Mystic is a sleeper, so remember to wake him up with a bell or chanting.  Mystic encourages us to write a gratitude journal, poetry or any inciting works.  Mystic is a faclitator of the third eye and his number is seven. 

Mystic is a Lemurian Quartz Crystall Skull that measures 4 1/2" L 3"W 4"H and weighs 3 lbs.


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