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A fortune teller Being who was at one time a very gifted psychic. She appears as a woman with a dark complexion and long curly dark hair.
Mystica works with and helps to open and cleanse your third eye. Her energy will assist you in having a stronger connection with your intuition, guides, teams and lineages. Her guidance will help you to clear away your self-doubts. She works with your crown chakra to help to open and improve your channel. If you work with tarot cards, having Mystica around you will help you with your she will protect your crown chakra, so you will only be bringing through information from the highest light.
To work with Mystica, meditate with her to bond and receive her wisdom. You might even be able to experience a deep trance state and receive a vision. To work with Mystica for your crown chakra, meditate with her and envision a purple energy encapsulating your aura. This will protect your crown chakra.
Cleanse Mystica with sage and place her on an altar. Keep her close to you if you feel called. Charge her outside under the Full Moon.

Mystica is is a 2" length pre-activated druzy crystal quartz coated in a rainbow titanium coating.


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