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Is an interdimensional light Being. She/he has their rainbow body and perfect alignment. They are equally Feminine and Masculine. Perfect balance.

Mystik is all about the superconscious. The collective mind of all that is and has ever been.  

They remind you that everything is interconnected and that every being has access to this information highway. It is accessible at any time anywhere to anyone. You already are aware of this and Mystic is going to awaken your memories to this.

Mystik will take you to the great Akashic Records in meditation and dream time. You will be able to ask anything and have the answers come to you. You can surf your past lives and remember just how powerful and intelligent you really are. All of the information you have ever searched for was inside of you the entire time. It is written in your DNA, exactly for this time of awakening when you will realize who you are and access it. Your DNA holds all of your records like the great Akashic Library.

You can access any information that the great inventors and mystics of all times accessed.

Mystik wants you to realize your power. You have the power to heal yourself and to create any life you choose, and you actually have been. You just may not have realized it, yet. It’s time to wake up to your full potential. No more playing small.

Mystik will show you how to use frequency and intention to heal your body. If you can convince your mind of it your body MUST follow that rule. No exceptions. If you can convince your mind that you are in perfect health then it has to listen. Your body is created in the mind first. What you believe to be true is what is true. Period! You can think your way to perfect health, happiness, peace, weight loss, healing eyesight or hearing, etc. Your mind controls it all and your body has to follow what it is told.

Mystic will help you realize this and prove it to you through synchronicities of what you are thinking and manifesting it. You will have the eyes to see the truth before you. Do not listen to others that are not there yet. Your truth is not their truth and you each will be placed on certain timelines that adhere to those beliefs accordingly. You do not need to prove anything to anyone else. We ascend in our own times. You planned it this way and everything is happening as it should, on divine time. Focus on yourself. Go inward and explore all of the mysteries found there.

Sit with Mystic and stare into the Crystal skull. There are secrets and activations hidden there. As you search for his rainbows inside, your soul is picking up these images and activations. Set intention to remember or learn something forgotten as you sit with Mystic.

Mystik wants you to remember that everyone has access to the superconscious and you can access it easier and easier each day as your belief in it grows and as your proof is laid before you. Start asking questions to the Universe and see them answered more and more quickly each time. Ask for help with daily tasks. You have guides and Angels that are here to help, but you must ask for help. Try it the next time you misplace something, ask for their help and see how within minutes you just have a knowing or sight in your third eye as to where it is. It works . Play with it and have fun. Reawaken the awe you had as a child and you will start seeing the magic all around you each day.

Meditate with Mystik and set him nearby as you sleep.

Cleanse and recharge Mystic with high frequencies and crystal singing bowl music. Use sage and running water to clear energetic attachments.

Set Mystic on the Earth to ground the higher timeline into the physical Earth.

Mystic is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 3"L  1 1/2"W  2 1/2"H weighing 14 ounces.


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