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Nalini in Sanskrit means a lotus flower. Nalini is a spirit of a yellow lotus flower. She dwells in a large yellow lotus flower.
The Lotus flower is associated with rebirth and spiritual awakening.
Nalini will assist you with renewing and healing all of your seven chakras. She will assist you to rejuvenate your chakras as well your aura so you can connect with your guides with ease and strengthen and your intuition. Her yellow light healing energy will assist you feeling more peace and remove your anxieties.
To work with Nalini, please sit down and meditate while holding her close to you. Envision her yellow energy entering your crown chakra down to your root chakra. Envision her yellow energy cascading down your aura until her healing energy surrounds you. Breathe non deeply and remain open and observant. Sometimes her energy will make you feel joyful and euphoric. Go with the flow and release the energy you need to let go. You can meditate with Nalini sitting in a bath as well because lotus flower blooms in the water.
Offer Nalini your gratitude and love. Cleanse her with myrrh incense and running water.


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